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-PTSD coach, trauma warrior, podcaster, soon to be author & the creator of Heal His PTSD

For almost a decade I dealt with chronic, daily-debilitating, soul-sucking PTSD coupled with panic disorder and anxiety. It was hell to say the least. But over the years I found things 'here and there' that helped. I got to the point of being a functional person, but without the freedom I desired. I still had triggers left and right, and an incessant internal daily battle.

In 2017 I decided to make peace with the fact that this was as good as it was going to get for me. I was simply fucked with this hand of cards, but I had come as far as I knew how. And I was truly grateful that I came as far as I did.

Then, I was approached by a girl who gave me a pdf on Yoga, a couple books to read and some info on breathing.

That changed my life.

That lead me on a journey of self discovery and experimentation. What I found is that I became way better than I ever thought possible.

And when you overcome PTSD, you enjoy life 9999.99% more than 'regular people'.

Experiencing healing first hand is what lead me to create Heal His PTSD. You too can become way better than you are right now.

Freedom is obtainable.

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