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How I Started Crushing My PTSD In 3 Months

If you're reading this you probably know quite well what a full-winded shit storm PTSD can be.

A 3 month jump start - "Oh my god!", you think.

It ruins relationships, fuels anxiety, makes you question reality, and wait - there's more! (knock on wood).

Will there be anything left after 30 years of post-traumatic stress episodes?

I don't know.

But I do know it doesn't have to be like that.

You want to know the absolute best way to start crushing PTSD in 3 months?

There are dozens of different techniques that work. Meditation, cold therapy, Rx running, EMDR therapy, music therapy, physical and mental grounding exercises, just to name a few. There is no one size fits all, but ya gotta pick one and start running with it. Trying different modalities of healing and seeing what works and what doesn't is the key here.

Which one will work for me?

Maybe cold therapy or foam rolling. Maybe all of them! You might have to try several before finding out what works.


You might land on a goldmine your first try.

You don't have to be too worried about any of them completely not working. In many cases one technique will work OK, another will work good, and another will work great.

This is what I refer to as compound healing. Using several methods with varying degrees of effectiveness, yet all are working in tandem to move you closer and closer to freedom.

The important thing to remember is that taking action IS moving you forward. No matter if it feels that way or not. Try new things!

Getting Stuck

A classic treatment many guys go through is 'talk therapy'.

It's where you see a counselor and 'talk' about the traumatic events that may have lead up to having PTSD.

What's wrong with that approach?


Aside from the dangers of being re-traumatized over and over again.

It's the fact that most people have 1 hour a week of pre-scheduled appointments (sometimes scheduled months in advance) to all of a sudden draw up, on command, years of past trauma.

And also, that many people won't try new counselors even if they're a bad fit because they don't want to hurt their feelings...

... this only works for very specific individuals.


Those that it doesn't work for are in serious danger of becoming worse and/or hitting a point of stagnation. Especially when they continue going without trying other methods.

This is why we see people going to a shrink for 10, 20, or even 30 years, only to hang around square 1, 2, or 3 in the healing game.

This is where phrases like "counseling used to work" or "it helped a little bit in the beginning" come from. It's true for a lot of people. 'Talk therapy' can sometimes help in the beginning. Then it tapers off quickly because there aren't any supplemental techniques being used in conjunction.

How fast can I heal from PTSD?

Depending on (1) your current perception of the trauma or the level of trauma, (2) your will or willingness to fight it (trying new techniques, balls to the wall), and (3) how consistent you are with the application of those techniques (intense consistency, not perfection) will all determine your healing time frame.

In most cases, there's an almost instantaneous curve of healing and relief.

After the first 3 months of cold therapy combined with yoga therapy and foam rolling, I myself started to see benefits that I truly 100% did not think were reachable or obtainable for someone like me.

And you know what I believe and know now? That anyone with daily crippling PTSD can become WAY BETTER.

Even in a matter of weeks there was relief and healing that happened at an accelerated rate, different from anything that I had tried in the past.

Healing CAN happen overnight (contrary to what many believe). But it's the incremental steps of intense consistency that create world-changing shifts in healing.

What are my options for healing modalities?

Here's a non-exhaustive list of things to try:

None of these methods are going to have any lasting change if you don't have clear boundaries put in place on your relationships. It's imperative that firm and stable boundaries surround you in order for these techniques to work effectively.

If you need to learn how to set boundaries checkout this article: (coming soon)

Why do these techniques work?

Most people still believe that PTSD is a mental condition. Although there are mental aspects of PTSD, the far greater truth is that it is actually a physical condition. This is because the past trauma brought out by triggers, panic attacks, or anxiety is stored inside the body.

If we can use the body to access the stored trauma, then it can also be accessed for release. Just as speaking releases sound, moving or physically using the senses can release tension and trauma that has been stored.

This is why when you're triggered you may physically freeze, want to run away, or have your heart rate jump to 110bps so you're ready to fight.

At Heal His PTSD we teach the principle of tension-release therapy or constructive pain-constructive pleasure therapy (aka release-gounding therapy). We have several names for it, but it's all the same thing.

For lack of better words you need to work that trauma up and out and then ground your ass.

By making your body uncomfortable with things such as in taking a cold shower, you work up trauma that then can be released. Then, using grounding exercises like meditation creates a firm connection to yourself while creating a clear slate from trauma.

I invite you to start trying some of these techniques and experimenting for yourself.

Everyone's different, but in 3 months time you could be transformed beyond what you thought what possible. Though deeper healing may take much longer, you'd be surprised what you can do in 90 days.

Please leave any questions or comments down below and remember that no matter how bad you currently are... you can become way better than you are right now.

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